Episode 3.9

In this episode Emma speaks with other female rabbis from all over the world who attended the World Union for Progressive Judaism (WUPJ)’s Connections Conference (including the incredible Ukrainian Rabbi Julia Gris, pictured here) .

In this episode, recorded at the WUPJ Connections Conference, we hear from the following rabbis and student rabbis:

Rabbi Jackie Tabick (UK)

Rabbi Daniella Touati (Leon, France)

Student Rabbi Julia Ullman (Jerusalem, Israel)

Rabbi Sivan Navon Shoval (Jerusalem, Israel)

Rabbi Julia Gris (Odessa, Ukraine, currently living in Oldenburg, Germany)

Student Rabbi Ethel Scliar Cabral (Brazil)

Rabbi Allison Conyer (Melbourne, Australia)

Rabbi Charley Baginsky (UK):

Rabbi Pauline Bebe (Paris, France)

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